ResearchResearch and Development

Due to its properties such as low side effects, suitable properties for the target molecule, as well as the cell’s ability to destroy peptides and not accumulate in the liver, kidneys and other organs, has led many pharmaceutical companies to focus on therapeutic peptides and have a very growing future in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries, and as 240 peptide drugs are in the final clinical phases, this trend will grow and accelerate in the near future.

This growth also includes the domestic pharmaceutical market in Iran and the amount of sales of pharmaceutical peptides in the country has reached more than 3000 billion Rials in 2019, and considering that as about 86% of these peptide medicines are only imported, so the need for more research and development of these medicines are of special importance in the country in order to provide a stable at a reasonable price and prevent the currency outflow from the country.

For this purpose, Morvarid Darou Ferdows Pharmaceutical Company pays special attention to the research and development department in order to complete and expand its portfolio of peptide medicines.

Products of research and development

  • Liraglutide       
  • Glatiramer
  • Cetrorelix           
  • Ganirelix